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This policy has been designed for nannies. If you are not employed in this occupation then you should not apply for this policy. Please make sure all information supplied is true and correct. You must tell us of any changes to the answers you have given as soon as possible. Failure to advise us of a change in your answers may mean that your policy is invalid and that it does not operate in the event of a claim. All fields are required.

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No insurer has ever declined my proposal, refused my renewal or terminated my cover for any reason or imposed special terms

I have never been convicted, but not yet tried, with a criminal offence other than a motoring offence or have any conviction which is spent

I have not made a claim under a liability policy in the last 5 years

I have not been the director of a company which has gone into liquidation, administration or receivership, and/or have never been bankrupt

I have not knowingly breached Health & Safety at Work legislation or have been involved in a disciplinary process relating to my employment

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Please note: Cover will not commence until you have received formal confirmation from Nannyinsure

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